Thursday, September 10, 2015

Busted Halloween Photo Contest

Busted Halloween Special


Photographs must be in the Halloween Theme

No sex pics or male nawty bits please

You can submit as many photographs as you want, but only up to 8 will be used of each model.

The winner will be chosen by myself, Rachel Swallows, Bewitched Difference and an independent panel of judges.

All photographs must  be submitted by the 25th of September, any sent after this date will not be considered.

Photographs must be full perm and at least 1024 x 1024 and high resolution.

Photographs SHOULD NOT be posted on other social media sites, ie, flickr, facebook before the magazine is published.

Submit your photographs to Rachel Swallows/Elenamicheals Core, Name them *Busted Halloween Contest YOUR NAME*

If you have a photographer do your pictures, make sure you include their name. Prizes will be awarded to the model, its up to you if you share.

Entries not abiding by these rules will not be considered, I am not going to chase you, so make sure you get everything right.

FIRST PRIZE. Front Cover, 2,000 Lindens and various gift cards from our Advertisers including 5k gift cards from Spanked Skins & Rachel Swallows Creations.

SECOND PRIZE. 1000 Lindens and various gift cards from our Advertisers including Pink Sugar, Luscious Delights, Angelic Antiques, Busty Boutique,

THIRD PRIZE: 500 Lindens & Gift Cards.

Prizes will be awarded to the model, if you had a photographer, its up to you if you share.


Good Luck
Rachel & Be



Have you put your application in for Miss Busty SL 2015

Time is running out, closing date is the 15th of September.

 Do you have to have huge enormous boobs to enter??

No you dont! You just have to have boobs!

Is entry open to TGirls, Furries and Fantasy Avatars??

Yes it is, just gotta have boobies!

Is this a photo contest where people have to pay to vote??

No it isn't! This is a real pageant with a panel of judges who will pick 12 semi finalist from the entries to be in the actual pageant on the 23rd of October.

Do I have to pay to enter??

No entry is free!

What can I win??

$16,000 in Cash Prizes, Mesh Bodies and Breasts, plus loads of gift cards from top creators and designers in SL.

And you will have a huge photospread in the November Issue of Busted and be on the front cover.

Oh and A CROWN!!!

So what are you waiting for???

Come on down to Rachel Swallows Creations and pick up your entry form, just click the Miss Busty SL Poster.

Rachel Swallows Creations & Busted HQ

Check out the official Miss Busty SL Blog for more details.

Miss Busty SL Official Blog

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

BUSTed Gallery: Sep. 9

Wild beast
I'll make you mine
Taste your kiss
Sweet lips divine
She got moves, drips of sweat
She got eyes of blue, body curves, legs that'll break your nerves
Fire, when she's going down
Fire, then she make you drown
Fire, then she blow you round
Yeah, you want some fun
Fire your guns, Fire your guns, Fire your guns, Fire your guns ... AC/DC

Alyssa K

Iuuna Yoshikawa

Cream Release by Ali Lancrae


Emma Deelight

Fiona Elise by Jacquimo Jackson

By Gabriel Snakey with DarkAngel

Envy Watts

Bibble Sugartooth

Bonheur Beaumont

Lena Lenroy Planer

Rusty Seesaw

Abi Latzo

Thylia Beaumont

Lil Juicy by Solidx SL

Serenity Kristan-Faulds

BiChristina Zipper

Starsmoon by Isle Biedermann

Dave Dethly with Deez Nuts

by Ed Pixel

Kari Velvetleaf