Friday, July 31, 2015

Foxbean Fitboobs Sanira ~ Review



After my big boob loving husband Crow Mistwalker insisted on buying me these new boobs by Foxbean, I had to a review on them for you, our Busted readers.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Miss Busty 2015


Preparations have started for this year’s Miss Busty SL pageant and it promises to be a great one.   However, YOUR help is needed to make this a reality again this year.

Got a passion for pageants?  Then Miss Busty SL 2015 has a job for you!

Listed below are some of the positions we need to fill. Check them out and see if one has YOUR name on it.

We’ll have an organizational meetings on Thursday, July 16th at 11am and also 7:15 pm SLT at the Biergarten, at 
 Miss Busty SL Staff –

Publicity Director – Overall responsibility for publicity associated with the pageant and pageant operations; works closely with publications within the Busty Community to assure maximum coverage and exposure for the pageant; develops and executes an advertising campaign for the pageant, including, but not limited to pageant posters and other materials; assures pageant advertising materials are provided to appropriate sources within the the Busty Community to include magazines, designers/mall owners/shop owners, and groups; provides guidance to and supervises the pageant photographer.  Reports directly to the Pageant Director.

Photographer – Responsible for documenting all aspects of the pageant with photographs or other media; responsible for publicity photographs for the pageant, semi-finalists, and winners. Reports directly to the Publicity Director.

Stage Manager – Manager responsible for the smooth operation of behind the scenes operations during pageant events.  Coordinates and provides guidance and supervision to all pageant personnel and participants on pageant flow; responsible for stage and preparation area operations; directs pageant personnel and participants during pageant events for movement to and from preparation area and stage area; maintain the flow of the pageant during pageant activities; assures participants are in the proper outfits for pageant segments and coordinates movement to and from the backstage area; cues pageant participants for backstage placement and movements to and from the stage; coordinates movement from preparation area to stage area and return.  Reports directly to the Pageant Director.

MC – Voice of the Miss Busty SL Pageant during the pageant and preparations; interacts with pageant participants and guests in accordance with the pageant script providing verbal cues and continuity; facilitates smooth pageant operations.  Reports directly to the Pageant Director.

DJ – Provides musical entertainment for pageant guests prior to pageant operations, during pageant intermissions, and immediately after pageant conclusion; interacts with pageant guests during musical interludes. Provides timed appropriate pageant related music during runway walks as outlined in the pageant script. Reports directly to the Pageant Director.

Technical Director – Overall responsibility for the technical aspects of the pageant and pageant preparation.  Advises the Pageant Director and Producers on all the technical elements of the pageant; responsible for scripting associated with pageant operations. Coordinates directly with the Pageant Director and Producers on technical matters related to the pageant.

Interested?  Be present at the organizational meeting or send a note card with your name (login and display) and the position you would like to fill to one of the pageant producers:

Brace Mao-Brightflame (castedone2)

Chalcedony Mao-Brightflame (chalcedonymao )

‘HymaLaya’ Mao-Brightflame (eriniris.oldrich)

Details of how to enter the contest will be posted at a later date.

BUSTed Gallery: July 14

In Boobs We Trust
More tantalizing titties for BUSTed fans from busty babes!
Thank you ladies,  and keep on teasing.

Veronica Sinclair

Casha Fall

Des Firecat

Denny Andrews

Susanne Myheart

Cindy Starostin

Partners In Crime

Kittyindia Henhouse

Darkangel 69

Ali Lancrae

Marika Blaisdale with Katina Cazalet

Holly Arkright

ThriBee by Leanna Mei




Rusty Seesaw

Bibble Sugartooth

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

BUSTed Gallery: July 8

Twenty pairs of awesome boobies are captured in today's BUSTed gallery. Make that twenty-one, there is a pair of pairs on one! Enjoy boobie lovers and remember to add your bust to the shots on the BUSTed Flickr. If you want to show them, we, and a whole lot of other titty fans want to see them.
And with that ... ladies... you've been BUSTed!

Spirit Eleonara-Rust

Serenity Kristan-Faulds

Cindy Starostin

Blair by Kes Myas

Angie Wild

Katina Cazalet by Marika Blaisdale

TC Tackleberry by Envy Watts

by Partners In Crime

Celina Kitai Morfelle

Ayara Illios

Jodi Sharpie

Hunii B

Abi Latzo

Ira Bimbo

Lea Juneberry

Piper Hanriot by Bernard Broono


Pod . rey

Louise Kristan-Faulds

Leanna Mai