Tuesday, June 30, 2015

BUSTed Behind the Scene: Spirit Eleonara

Talk about under pressure! BUSTed photographer, Spirit Eleonra recently won the prestigious Sexiest Award as Best Glamour Photographer ... and here I am snapping her!
Not only is she a spectacular photographer, but a terrific DJ and magazine editor in her own right. Toss in the fact she is a super person to know, and you have one awesome lady.
As an aside, BUSTed Magazine, with a set shot by Spirit, comes your way tomorrow!

PhotographerDomino Dupre

Friday, June 26, 2015

BUSTed Behind the Scene: Leannan Wolfgang

I'm not sure there would even be a BUSTed Magazine to relaunch on July 1, if there weren't people out there advertising between the boobs and information. The lady handling that side of things is a terrific example of beauty and brains ... and one hell of a DJ as well. Here's a set of Leanann Wolfgang, Marketing Executive, and damn sexy lady, for BUSTed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Busted Fashion

Want to show how much you love Busted?


Mesh Jacket, 5 sizes, fitted and normal mesh versions

14 colour choices, with or without logo.


Mesh Jacket, 5 Sizes, (this will fit a good sized boob, I can wear my maitreya body with boobs at 100 in the XL), 14 colour choices, with or without the Busted Logo.


System Layers, Omega and Slink Physique Appliers

 Only Available at The Busted Offices

Rachel Swallows Creations 

Busted Party at Brightflame Hollow

Yes another Busted Party this Sunday

Dress to Impress

Mountain Tops

BUSTed Gallery: June 23

It's a 21 'guns' salute to you, the boobie lover and those that show them.
And THE magazine that caters to your carnal love, BUSTed, is just over a week away from once again, teasing, pleasing and informing!
Meantime, thanks to those who have contributed their boobieful pictures.
Ladies...you're BUSTed

Cindy Starostin

Adele Simondsen by Melany Herrera

Piper Hanriot by Bernard Broono

Holly Arkright

Veronica Sinclair

Seirra Maldor by Domino Dupre

Serenity Kristan-Faulds

BiChristina Zipper

Kalika Rayven Brightstorm by Zuby Gloom

Marika Blaisdale with Katina Cazalet 

Morena by Black Maynard

Addison Summerwind by Nicasio Ansar

Leanna Mai

Nannja Panana

Liz by Susanne Myheart

Harley Jane

Jill Delicious

Tammy Jones

Rusty Seesaw

Dorzo Aeon

Bai Lin by Franky Demonge


Monday, June 15, 2015

New Busted Magazine Kiosk

It's here! Kindly made by 2wat Michigans of Michigans Shack for Busted our new Magazine Kiosk, with the curves that only a Busted Magazine Kiosk would have.

If you do not receive you kiosk, please contact Rachel Swallows/Elenamicheals Core.