Tuesday, November 25, 2014

BUSTed Magazine SL: VIE Men's Second Lifestyle: VIE Femme: Spirit Eleonora

BUSTed Magazine SL: VIE Men's Second Lifestyle: VIE Femme: Spirit Eleonora

VIE Men's Second Lifestyle: VIE Femme: Spirit Eleonora

VIE Men's Second Lifestyle: VIE Femme: Spirit Eleonora: VIE Femme's are special... wait, did I say special? VIE Femme's are amazing - they look gorgeous, drive us men wild and to make ...

Rachels Gossip & News

Restarts! Damnit!

I always end up going shopping when my sim restarts, but today I picked up a few bargains that I thought I would share with you. 
A visit to The Dressing Room was paid and I picked up a cute tanned skin by Al Vulo for 70 linden, it included appliers for Slink hands, feet and body, Wowmeh, AMD mesh bump, tango, TMP head, Lena Body, TMP body and phat azz. So if your looking to change your look on a budget a good buy. The texture on the breast is a little stretched, but not horribly so and the face is a little light compared to the body for my taste. But it has a very cute face and overall a nice skin. 
I also picked up some nice hair from *pritty* called Lara, 199 for a pack with various shades of blonde and brunette, there was also a pastels pack too.
Lastly I found some really nice shoes by *whatever* called Beryllium, a pack of 4 for 69 linden.
Well thats my gossip for the day.

The Dressing Room
Love and Best Wishes Rachel XXX

Busted is not affiliated to any of the above merchants.

Friday, November 21, 2014

BUSTed Magazine Gallery Nov 21st

Thank you once more for all your lovely contributions to our Flickr Group, its great seeing all you busty ladies out and about in Second Life.

Pixie Kobichenko

 Ivori Faith


Tammy Jones

Reina Alice

Ali Lancrae

Bewitched Difference


Leanna Mai

Thylia Beaumont



Nikki T

  Casha Fall


Envy Watts

Anita Dark Vuitton


Eru Turin

Domino Dupre


Issybella ♉ Quintessa




Rachel Swallows  


Love & Best Wishes Rachel Swallows




Monday, November 10, 2014


 Two of our lovely designers are featured on this blog post.

Modeled by Nico, the lovely Leannan of Erotipose made this gorgeous moon and stars with 5 delicious poses and the shoes are *Wrapped* by our own Tara from the Cirque De Seraphim event.


 Photographer Rachel Swallows


Model Nico
Moon Poser by Erotipose
Shoes by Pink Sugah ~ Wrapped Cirque Purple available at Cirque De Seraphim




If you would like to appear in the Busted Gallery post your pics on our Flickr Group


 Pamela by Wolf

 Anita Dark Vuitton by Eru Turin

 Cindy Starostin

 Ruby Eclipse

 Lara Dieterle

 OYO Mills

 Ali Lancrae

Tati by Domino Dupre

Casha Falls
Suzi Jane
Envy Watts

Thank you all that I featured for your lovely contributions, keep them coming

Love and Best Wishes

Rachel Swallows & Tara Asamoah
Owners of Busted Magazine
The Premier Mag for Enhanced Women

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BUSTed Christmas Messages

Hello Lovelies,

We'd really like to feature some Christmas greetings in our December issue to our readers from people in the BUSTed team. This includes Photographers, Models, Designers, the tea boy and everyone else who has had a hand in bringing BUSTed together in the last 12 months.

Please copy and past the following into a NC, fill it out and send it directly to me (Tara Asamoah) by no later than Sunday 16th November.

Please rename the NC BUSTed Xmas - Your Name - Your Role
(if you have more than one role, please put your main position, or the one you prefer to be known as.

Please fill out this NC carefully, I won't have time to chase people up for incomplete/incorrect cards.

Avatar Name:

Name you prefer to be known as (leave blank if the same as above):

Christmas Message for BUSTed readers (no more than 25 words please):

Please attach a FULL PERM, high resolution picture of yourself here:
(head and shoulders close up is preferred)

Suggestions for features you would like to see in BUSTed in 2015:

Please return this card to Tara Asamoah by no later than Sunday 16th November. Late entries will be discarded.


Please note, while we will try to squeeze as many of these messages into the magazine as possibly, we cannot guarantee everyone a spot.

This is also an opportunity for you to tell us what you would like to see in the mag in 2015.

Any questions, just drop me an IM

Sunday, November 9, 2014

News from our designers: Nov 9th

Hello darlings!

I couldn't resist showing you two more of the movie stars from Rachel Swallows Creations.
These dresses are a little more casual, so I headed down to the Matoluta Sanctuary for
these shots. It's a lovely sim to which I find myself returning over and over again.

This is Taylor, a mesh dress with a soft romantic look, perhaps more suitable for the summer 
than this time of year, but the magic of SL makes any garment wearable all year.
And after all, for a big part of the world, it's spring now.
Taylor has appliers for Tango and comes in the lilac above, green, blue and silver.

Hepburn is a bit more, I'm not sure what word I'm looking for...
This dress makes me feel as if I should be going to charity luncheons. 
And I honestly don't know when a lunch becomes a luncheon, 
but the dress seems to call for that extra -on.
Hepburn also has appliers for Tango and comes in lemon (shown), peach, dove and coco.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

News from our designers: Nov 8th

Hello darlings!

Some news from one of our designers. This from our very own Rach of Rachel Swallows Creations.
Her November releases are all named after classical female actors, those considered great beauties.
Two of them are such wonderful gowns, I decided to head down to a ballroom to snap some pictures.

This is Dietrich, she comes in Red Rose, shown here, Dusk Flight and White Snowflake.
Full mesh with appliers for Tango and compatible boobs. 
Can be worn with sleeves or bare shoulders for a more sexy look.
Dietrich also includes a lovely set of earrings which you can see if you click the image to get it larger.

And this lovely lady is Gable. You can chose between pink (shown), black, beige and red.
Gable is also mesh, with optional prim attachments at the bottom for added flounce. 
Same as with Dietrich, you can chose to be demure with a jacket or wear her sleeveless.
Appliers for Tango are included.

You'd better hurry down to Rachel Swallows Creations and get these dresses right away. :-)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Saturday, November 1, 2014

BUSTed's Christmas Crackers!

Hello Lovelies,

BUSTed Magazine, Big Boobie Babes Freebie's, Pink Sugah, Rachel Swallows Creations, Erotipose, and Hunt for Your Inner Slut have banded together to bring you........

BUSTed Christmas Crackers Hunt!!!!!
1st of December - 31st of December, 2014

All stores entering this hunt must have applier clothing (especially for breasts, but other mesh body parts may be included as well), or accessories, furniture, poses, services, or other items that are boobie-friendly. All entries will be checked for compatibility. 

Please go to the following URL for the application!!!!  APPLY NOW!!!!

Busty (and Lusty) Regards,

Tara Asamoah (BUSTed, BBBF, Pink Sugah)
Rachel Swallows (BUSTedRSC/WickeD CreationS)
Leannan Wolfgang (Hunt for Your Inner Slut, Erotipose)